San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco Skyline
I've been in my own boat sitting out in this water looking at this view. Awesome!-Sandee. This is a Tip of The Hat to Sandee, my Co-Author and blog wizard.

The Blogger's Prayer

Lord help me to learn to spell without spellcheck, manage to visit all that visit me, and post regularly - all in 5 minutes a day, so that I can clean house and take care of my family. Help me to not look at every occurrence in my life as a blog post, and to quit taking pictures of weird things to share as well. Please Lord, help me to stop talking about my blog friends as though they are next door neighbors or someone I have known all of my life. And help me dear Lord, to think of something witty and wise to post tomorrow.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

What comes to your Mind ??
If you would like to play along Pleas post this to your blog,than let me know so I can visit you.Thank you.

  1. House :: Of Cards

  2. Think :: before you act

  3. Clot ::blood.
  4. Believe me :: when I say that your ...

5. Fumigation :: for fleas (Yuck).

6. Bore ::(ing) a political speach.

7. Luck :: of the Irish

8. Patient:: God please grant me some.

9. Tremors :: M.S.

10. Pickles :: Actress Chistina Pickles from the show St.Elsewhere


  1. Great job Mike. This looks like a fun meme. Have a great Sunday. Big hug. :)

  2. I want to play along on your site!

    1. House :: of Pain

    2. Think :: before you vote

    3. Clot ::blood

    4. Believe me :: Trust No One

    5. Fumigation :: I smell neighbors burning leaves..nice!

    6. Bore :: Listening to the stay at home mom in front of me brag about her kids in the grocery line. One question, why doesn't she go shopping during the day? Why does she wait until rush hour?

    7. Luck :: be a lady

    8. Patient:: rarely

    9. Tremors :: Earthworms

    10. Pickles :: yum?

    Nice site. How do you kick kicked out of a age 50 and up blogger community?

  3. Haha great answers! Glad you feel better. I will have to play this on my blog tomorrow. :) hugs and blessings sent your way.

  4. Sandy,I'm glad you stopped by and enjoyed my answers.

    Kimmie,I enjoyed your answers. This blog and the wordpress blog are part of the blogger over 50 club.

    Tracy, I'm glad you enjoyed my answers I look forward to yours.

  5. How fun that you decided to play along and how SPEEDY you were coming up with your answers too. I especially like #1 ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Luck of the Irish! I would have NEVER thought of that. That's a good one!!

  7. Story teller I'm glad you enjoyed this one.

    Hootin Annie,I thought of that just because I have some Irish in me,and have used that saying many times.

  8. I'll answer here and now.
    1. House: warming
    2. Think: of me often
    3. Clot; of dirt
    4. Believe me: I always tell you the truth.
    5. Fumigation: of a room that has horrific odor...
    6. Bore: a hole
    7. Luck: follows you always
    8. patient:'s of Job
    9. Tremors: epilepsy
    10. Pickles: and ice cream

    that's my was fun,

  9. Mimi. I could have uses you numbewr 9 as mine as well,but duh I did not think of it.

  10. Hey Mike, Hope this coming week will be a good one for you. I'll do this meme on my next post. Check later tonight or tomorrow. Grace and blessings to you.

  11. JC, thank you for stopping by. I look forward to reading your answers.

  12. Interesting. I'll have to think about this...the when not the if. OK?

  13. Fun!

    1. House: the tv show
    2. Think: tank
    3. Clot: blood
    4. Believe me: ok
    5. Fumigation: roaches!
    6. Bore: most people
    7. Luck: be a lady
    8. patient: hospital
    9. Tremors: movie with Kevin Bacon
    10. Pickles: pregnant


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