San Francisco Skyline

San Francisco Skyline
I've been in my own boat sitting out in this water looking at this view. Awesome!-Sandee. This is a Tip of The Hat to Sandee, my Co-Author and blog wizard.

The Blogger's Prayer

Lord help me to learn to spell without spellcheck, manage to visit all that visit me, and post regularly - all in 5 minutes a day, so that I can clean house and take care of my family. Help me to not look at every occurrence in my life as a blog post, and to quit taking pictures of weird things to share as well. Please Lord, help me to stop talking about my blog friends as though they are next door neighbors or someone I have known all of my life. And help me dear Lord, to think of something witty and wise to post tomorrow.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I have been Tagged.

I have been tagged by two people actually.Phyllis tagged me to post a picture of my favorite mug.My all time favorite mug was broken some years was a mug with TAZ on it.( a cartoon character)
Mysti tagged me to do 6 completely random things about me.
Here are the rules of the game link back to the person who tagged you. post their rules on your site. write 6 random things about your self. tag 6 random people by linking to their site. let the 6 people know that you tagged them by leaving a comment on their site.
Let the tagged know that your entry is up.
random things about my self:
1) I would of had an older brother but Mom miscarried him.

2) I'm the oldest of 3. I have two younger sisters.

3) I love to go one drives to nowhere just to see what ever I see.

4) I like to walk the Ohio and Erie canal towpaths.

5) I have ridden a replica of a couple canal boats. Two one the Ohio and Erie canal. and One on the Miami and Erie canal. the Ohio &Erie canal is in the Eastern part of the State and the Miami&Erie canal in in the Western part of the state.

6)I was first married right after I turned 21 to a local gal in Sacramento California where I was stationed in the U.S.Air Force.

Now comes the tagging part. I tag the following people.

1)Yertle 2) Sgt. Charlie 3)Amy 4)Jenn 5)Jo and finally 6)Hope

After tagging Yertle she turned around and tagged me to do the same thing over again,right now I cannot think of any thing to Yertle you have to be satified with this posting.


  1. Hey Mike,
    Mysti tagged me for this one too. I will get mine posted tomorrow along with my Earth Day Post. :-) thanks for thinking of me.

  2. I guess we both tagged you at the same time.

  3. I have three sisters and two brothers! One of my sisters is actually my twin. :) I also was married young. My first marriage lasted 7 years.

    Thanks for doing the tag!

  4. Oh and you linked just fine! In truth you did better then me. :)

  5. Mysti,my first marriage lasted 5 years. I found out how to do the likning it is easy.just type the name of the person you want to link to highlight the name that click the link thye in the website click ok,that continue your message just unhighlight the name.

  6. Hey Mike, I'm playing along tomorrow but I am going to do the Mug tag, OK? I have done the random but I have never done the mug! I'll link back to you my friend!

    Be blessed!


  7. Interesting to learn more about you always. Thanks for telling me about the Giant Bear Hug Karen gave you. It's cool ... and I'm definitely 'snagging' this one to pass along. Have you figured out what to do with the 'Snoopy' hug from Sacred Ruminations? Did you watch the video in that post? Seems like something you'd definitely get a kick out of and maybe want to share with your readers too ;--)

    Hope you're having a marvelous Monday! Yertle tagged me for this one ... so I've got it in my 'to do' folder but dunno when I'll get around to it.

    Hugs and blessings,

  8. Storyteller,I'm happy to share any or all of the awards that I hae.I might have to creat a speperate blog just for my awards. No I have not figured what to do with the snoopy hug from Sacred Ruminations yet nor have I seen the video that you are talking I think or did I see it,I'm confused. I was haveing a good day upuntill arround 6pm when I had a seizure.

  9. I will start by saying I have said the serenity prayer thousands of times over the past 21 years. I will work on the tag in the next day or so.

  10. Mike,

    It was nice to learn more about you. I enjoyed the information about the canals that you passed to me. Thanks so much.

    Take care and enjoy Earth Day on Tuesday.


  11. Mike,

    Very interesting meme! I would have had another sibling also, but my mother miscarried. Sometimes I wonder what he or she would have looked like or been like. I have an older brother, a younger brother, and three sisters.


  12. Sarge,the Serenity Prayer has gotten me through a lot of things in my life,and when I finally got it into my head that I'm a drunk and can't do that any more the Prayer has helped me even more. I look forward to seeing the facts about your self on your blog.

    Mary I'm glad to share things about my self it keeps me in line. I was happy to share about the canals here in Ohio. I might just have to a posting about thiose as well.
    Yertle thans right back at ya!

    Tina I kinda wished that I did have an older or evn younger brother,since I have been unable to have a child in either of my marriages,my particular line of golch's ends here.My one sister had children but thay are only part golch and have a different last name.there are other golch men out and they are distant relitives of mine,and hopefully the name continues with them.

  13. I love going on rides to nowhere. You just ride around and see the countryside.

  14. Valarie,we used to go for long rides,Now since I don't go driveing we are pretty much stay close to home people.


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